Elena Rossi
Drawing out Reality


Drawing out Reality


About Me

My FULL Gallery is on: ilgeko.deviantart.com

Born in Rimini in 1969.
I'm in love and I have a 23 year old daughter. One million passions. Eighteen different jobs in twenty years. One hundred things learned by myself. A life full of reality and emotions. My works: drawing out reality.

If you like my Art, you can buy it.

My works are made with EPSON Digigraphie tecnique, on limited edition: www.digigraphie.com/it/profile…

If you like some work that's not on the Epson web site, or want to know sizes and prices, write me an email.

You can find my works also on the beautiful "MOSAIT" : www.mosait.it/ , have a look!


Le opere de Ilgeko sono messaggi emotivi. Spesso usa la stessa immagine per arrivare a contenuti del tutto diversi, anche opposti. Perché in ognuno di noi, c’č un mondo intero. “Feeling Like a puzzle” sentirsi come un puzzle, č il filo conduttore. Ilgeko collabora con TST Art Graphic (LI)


Ilgeko works are emotional messages. Often she uses the same immage to represent different ideas, sometimes opposite. Because inside everybody there is a whole world. “Feeling Like a Puzzle” is the deep meaning her production. She collaborates with TST Art Graphic (LI, Italy)
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